KEG kunstexperimenten organiseert een expositie van vrijdag 8 mei tot en met zondag 24 mei 2019.

Er exposeren twee kunstenaars Jaco en Wim Adriaenssens.

Tijdens de expositie zijn er drie concerten waar er live zal geschilderd worden op muziek.

Na de concerten is er een receptie en meet-and-greet met de artiesten.

Vernissage en concert vrijdag 8 mei om 20 uur met live schilderen – trio les Misérables :

Midway concert en kunstexperiment op vrijdag 15 mei om 20 uur met live schilderen – duo AG

Finissage en concert met live schilderen zondag 24 mei om 15 u – duo Sint Anna

Toegang expo : gratis  – elke dag open van 10u – 18u

Concerten betalend aan 20 euro per persoon

Venue: kelders hof Ryhove , onderstraat 20, 9000 Gent

Bio Jaco

Freddy Jacobs aka  “Jaco”  studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Bruges, Belgium when he was young. He became civil engineer and started to paint in 2009 when he became 50 years of age.  Jaco uses different materials in his paintings. His passion is creating unusual and unique art using texture as a base for his works. He paints with feeling, using colour and forms to express himself.  The variety of mixed materials are bringing structure and effects in his paintings. He uses bright colours in an way that the paintings start to inter-act with the viewer, creating emotions and strong feelings. Jaco’s  work is a bold mix of styles, ranging from sleek and contemporary to weathered and organic. He brings a subtle and sophisticated feel to his paintings through a unique balance of colour, composition and texture.  The coloured mixed media are having their own dialogue with the audience. He brings a variety of theme’s as he gets inspired he always experiments to make some variations of the initial idea and series. He is constantly evolving and exploring new techniques which allows him to look at his work in a new light. This creative process gives him energy and satisfaction feelings that he transmits  through his works to his viewers…..

Bio Wim adriaenssen

As a painter, Wim is a figurative painter, but knows how to use his materials in an almost abstract way, by looking at , for example, the ‘’gestes ‘’  of Alechinsky, using the possibilities of his arm and body to paint. Wim’s material research brought him in touch with Venetian Terpentine, an almost forgotten product to use with oil paint Because of the use of this specific technique , his paintings are filled with energy and movement. An energy which he canalizes to express different feelings of a (male) body.

The blanks on the canvas show his admiration for Chinese painting.  The principle of ’’Wu Wei ‘’(to generate a maximum impact with a minimum of force) becomes very real in his paintings.

Wim has a way of showing us a certain kind of melancholy in his works, without becoming melodramatic. His works are loaded with emotion, and at the same time decorative, because of his balanced and well-thought compositions.

His work has been rewarded with several awards in Belgium throughout the years.

forever a moment 60x140cm